Bellow links you can read and look about my hiking along the Slovenia Long-Distance Walking Path E6. The text is in the Slovenian language.If you want to translate in English or other languages, please use the Google translator:http://translate.google.com/translate_t#

0. We hiked from Eibiswald (Austria) to Radlje - July 2009

1. We hiked from Radlje ob Dravi to Mala Kopa (Partizanski dom) - June 2006

We hiked from Mala kopa to Sleme (Andrejev dom) - June 2006

. We hiked from Sleme to Čreta nad Vranskim (Dom na Čreti) - June 2006

4. We hiked from Čreta to Trojane (The hotel Trojane ) - June 2006

5. We hiked from Trojane to Jevnica (near the Ljubljana) - June 2006

6. We hiked from Jevnica to Grosuplje - June 2006

7. We hiked from Grosuplje to Predgozd (Selo pri Robu - November 2006

8. We hiked from Predgozd to Markovec (Stari Trg pri Ložu - November 2006

9. We hiked from Markovec (Stari Trg pri Ložu) to Ilirska Bistrica  - September 2004

10. We hiked from Ilirska Bistrica to Markovščina (Materija) - October 2006

11. We hiked from Markovščina to Pomjan - October 2006

12. We hiked from Pomjan to Strunjan - October 2006